Fruit Gummies!

Our latest 5 Gram Gummy bags are finally in stock and ready to ship. Each gummy is carefully crafted in our facility to ensure consistent dosing. Start with 1/2 a gummy or a whole one for an incredible microdosing experience ! Available in Citrus Sunshine or Mixed Fruit!

Dark Chocolate Fans Rejoice.

Our Belgian chocolates are precisely crafted with intention. If you’re dark chocolate fan or have a friend that would love snacking on our artisan chocolate bar, we've got you covered!


🧠 Boost Creativity: Unleash your inner genius and tap into a world of boundless creativity. ⚡ Supercharge Energy: Say goodbye to fatigue and embrace a new level of vitality and zest for life. 🎯 Laser Focus: Enhance your concentration and productivity like never before, helping you achieve your goals with precision. 🤝 Elevate Relational Skills: Strengthen your interpersonal connections and build deeper, more meaningful relationships. 😊 Tame Social Anxiety: Leave anxiety behind and approach social situations with newfound confidence and ease. 🌌 Spiritual Wellness: Connect with your inner self and experience a heightened sense of spiritual awareness. 🌈 Sensory Enhancement: Rediscover the world with sharpened senses, appreciating every moment. 🌻 Join the Mushie Movement Today! 🌻
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